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what got you shook on this saturday // creator of unplugg’d and editor-in-chief of UP MAG // portfolio at

On the importance of showing, not telling

On the trivial notion that certain folks will “figure things out”

On harnessing the power of spontaneity

On why focusing on the past in fear of the future messes with our present

On progress’ relationship with empathy

(llustration by Joey Guidone / HBR)

On the culturally-accepted schedule that actually does the trick

Working with a physical therapist to set up a daily slate of hip-strengthening exercises has been huge for both my mobility and overall wellbeing

On how juggling too many ideas can weigh you down

On the ways our visionaries and leaders plan for the future

On our world’s most valuable resource

A shot of Lake Michigan and the distant Chicago skyline I took on a walk the other day

On why getting away can be so damn powerful

The beach off of UC Santa Barbara’s campus at sunset, where we played in a tournament

Nathan Graber-Lipperman

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