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what got you shook on this saturday // creator of unplugg’d and editor-in-chief of UP MAG // portfolio at

On the feeling of being 22 and experiencing constant change

One of my last photos from the apartment, right as the sun was rising

On why you should focus on what you’re good at

Scott Galloway has had some bad takes, but his perspective on passions isn’t one of them

On getting into rooms you have no business being in

I liked this illustration because it’s all about meeting things in the middle

On this 30-day writing project’s effects across the board

“Up” is a top-ten Pixar film and arguably top-five, debate me (Disney/Pixar)

On the growing investments in — and from — our favorite personalities and influencers

Jimmy Donaldson (aka Mr. Beast), left, and Reed Duchsher, right (photo via Night Media)

On navigating a world that favors hyper-specialization

Here’s me wearing my favorite hat while screen-printing hoodies, another one of my random skills

On figuring out our desires through structured chaos

For a while, all I wanted to do was toss frisbees and churn out stories on what interested me

On learning to love ourselves, not who we “should” be

On weighing the balance of self empathy and simplifying things in order to get them done

A picture on the road to Nowhere, Illinois as my girlfriend and I got vaccinated

Some things are out of our control

Some fucking beautiful million-dollar homes I saw in Lincoln Park, Chicago

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